A friend who collects art recently hung a wall of oil paintings in the “salon-style” in her home in Sylvania, Ohio.   When selecting art for the salon-style approach, a theme can be selected or the gallery can join disparate types of art and create a dialogue between the pieces.  In this case, the work that is hung together is mostly figurative, but the paintings are all very different. Three of my paintings are hung with other paintings that are more expressive and abstract.  I love how the colors vibrate and the pieces interact with one another.  This collector is telling her own story with the way she has chosen to group the paintings together.

Hanging a salon-style gallery is easy if you follow this approach.  First gather the pieces you would like to hang together.  Using craft paper or newspaper cut paper templates into those sizes.  Identify each template with the name of each piece of art.  Select one or two of the largest templates to be the anchor pieces.  Tape them to the wall 50-60 inches from the floor and about 6-10 inches above any furniture that will be placed below. Gradually add the rest of the templates to your gallery, rearranging as you go.   After you are satisfied with the composition you have created, lay the art out on the floor so you can see how it will look on the wall.  Once you feel confident with your design, measure the distance from the top of each frame to where the wire reaches, and mark that point onto the templates on your wall.  Picture frame hooks can be nailed directly through the paper template, and your gallery is ready to be hung. 

Salon-Style Gallery Ideas



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